Saturday, October 1, 2011

fomo exhibition at small pieces, close-ups

above: Lool rabbit and Housing Commission Couple
Lool rabbit: earthenware, coloured underglazes, slip and hand forged mild steel teeth
Housing Commission couple, stoneware, coloured underglazes and stain

above: girl on boys lap
earthenware, colured underglazes and stains

above: four pictures from the exhibition

above: FOMO letters

Above: foetal Alice and mushroom

fomo exhibition close-ups

above: SLM in black tutu
a fairly wicked insensitive girl, this one.
earthenware with underglazes and porcelain slip, fabric tutu
forged mild steel teeth

above:Red chair in mushroom

above: pissed off alice
watch out, she bites
stoneware, stain and coloured underglaze

Thursday, May 26, 2011

ceramic sculptures

recycled clay, earthenware and stoneware, underglazes and slips.
60cmx 20cm

Above: Rabbit Wallpaper
earthenware sculpture and unfired letters


earthenware wall peice
20 x 20 cm

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FOMO - exhibition proposal

(Fear Of Missing Out)

Harman’s graphic novel ‘Alice in Tartland" traces a young girl's journey into carnal knowledge and the conflicting messages that she receives from the Duchess, her body and the examples set by other characters. Alice is often confused and certainly dismayed and indignant. What is she to think and how is she to behave?

‘Fear of Missing Out’ is a collection of artworks in clay and paint that explores ideas of adolescent identity. FOMO uses the symbols of text communication, the language of posing ( non- verbal language) which adolescents use to communicate with each other

There are continuing references to Alice, and her familiar story remains as the engaging device to explore this contemporary theme.

A playful tableau of images and symbols continues to link Harman’s themes. The fecund mushrooms and puffed sleeves, the white boots of tarts and the interplay of love and lust all vie for the limelight in these scenes.

Proposed Exhibition
The proposed exhibition would feature:
• up to twelve acrylic/oil paintings ranging in size from 20x20cm to 40x60 cm
• ceramic sculptures
• ceramic relief sculptures exhibited on wall
• a small ceramic installation of mushrooms and rabbits on chairs
• an interactive installation of text – ceramic letters will be provided and exhibition audience may play with making text acronyms and words.

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acrylic and oils

ceramic wall hangings

ceramic wall hangings are made from recycled stoneware or earthenware clay with underglazes and clear glaze.